Database Behaviors

Model behaviors are used to implement common functionality.
Unlike Traits these can be implemented either directly in a class or by extending the class. You can read more about behaviors here.


Purged attributes will not be saved to the database when a model is created or updated. To purge attributes in your model, implement the October.Rain.Database.Behaviors.Purgeable behavior and declare a $purgeable property with an array containing the attributes to purge.

class User extends Model
    public $implement = [

     * @var array List of attributes to purge.
    public $purgeable = [];

You can also dynamically implement this behavior in a class.

 * Extend the RainLab.User user model to implement the purgeable behavior.
RainLab\User\Models\User::extend(function($model) {

    // Implement the purgeable behavior dynamically
    $model->implement[] = 'October.Rain.Database.Behaviors.Purgeable';

    // Declare the purgeable property dynamically for the purgeable behavior to use
    $model->addDynamicProperty('purgeable', []);

The defined attributes will be purged when the model is saved, before the model events are triggered, including validation. Use the getOriginalPurgeValue to find a value that was purged.

return $user->getOriginalPurgeValue($propertyName);